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THE progress which the Science of Chiroprac­ progressed steadily. In quick succession followed
tic has made since its discovery is inconceiv­ the Memorial Building, the new residence, the
able. All the obstacles, by which human nature, Administration Building and lastly the Class­
room Building, each one in turn a great under­
the law, and finances seem destined to try out
any new principle, have failed to impede the ir­
resistible driving force which has led us on to Life became somewhat easier for the little fam­
ily, but still there was no rest. Unceasing effort,
victory. ___ relentless courage and unwavering Faith carried
them to still greater heights. Keen foresight led
That driving force in the past and at the pres­ Little Builder to the construction of the clinic of
his dreams. To this ultra-modern research clinic,
ent is personified in B. J. and Mabel. Their housed in the Classroom Building, come those to
whom the hope of life has been questioned,
sole aim was to relieve the suffering of humanity. doubted and denied, that they may gain recovery,
and at the same time provide, through exact evi­
That aim has and is still being realized. It will dence, the proof of a great principle.
continue to be realized as long as they are with
us. It will continue to be realized still further Finally, in the Spring of 1938, the march of
events led to the removal of the original buildings.
into the future, if we of the profession set our If we as individuals could have been unseen ob­
servers to the farewell visit of Hurry Lady, Little
ideals as high and carry on with that fortitude Builder and W ee Lad, we would have been
and Faith characterized in these two individuals. forced to slip silently away out of sympathy for
these dear people.
W e of this graduating class cannot realize the
Little Builder was the first to bid farewell. He
sacrifice that this progress has required. went over all the rooms, looking sadly high and
low, pausing here and there as he re-lived the
The original home of P. S. C. has been razed days he had spent there. As he passed through
the door for the last time his eyes filled with the
during our stay at the school. W e were glad to vision o f more glorious things to come.
see the old building cleared out of the way. It
had been a sore spot to our eyes since the day we W ee Lad went next. He passed slowly
through each room, coming to a stop at the room
first saw it. W e were happy to have the new in which he was born. It was dusty, shabby and
Campus. The dedication at Lyceum thrilled us. unkept, yet to him it was more beautiful than
ever, for he saw beyond the neglected rooms, the
T o B. J., Mabel and Dave it meant the passing rickety stair cases and deserted halls, the beauty
that was there in his childhood. The respon­
of a dear friend. W"e did not understand that. sibilities o f the future began to shape in his mind;
"Hurry Lady” and “ Little Builder” had bought the future of the still greater Chiropractic Sci­
ence and the newer structure that he would some
that first house, known as 828 Brady, in 1905. It day build on his birthplace site.
became the Palmer School and Infirmary of Chi­
ropractic. It was here that the first Chiropractic Hurry Lady did not say good-bye until the last
day. Her visit was the most pathetic. She
classes were held. It was here that the first Chi­ walked hesitantly, listening for the voices of all
those who had come and gone through the doors.
ropractors were trained. She walked slowly, with a loving, longing look,
talking to this room and to that. W hen she came
Hurry Lady instructed, cared for, cooked for to W ee Lad’s birthday room, tears filled her eyes.
Here had come to her the greatest happiness of
and guided the students and the patients. A t her life. She left quickly — .
times she had 70 people under her personal
charge. Little Builder instructed, planned and B. J. and Mabel are living 50 years ahead of
their time. They will never realize their ob­
advanced the Science. The odds were heavy jective in fulfilment, nor will those faithful few
who are left of the early Pioneers. Theirs has
against them, yet they did not waver. Then been the struggle. The benefits are ours.
Dave, the W ee Lad, came. Hurry Lady would
Are we worthy of this great heritage? May
place him in the sand lot outside the classroom God give us strength.

window and watch him as she taught. He was
left to himself much of the time. It did not
bother him, in fact he seemed to understand.

The original building became too small. Hurry
Lady, Little Builder, and W ee Lad did not even

have a room of their own. They had to shift
from one room to another, even having to re­

sort to a tent at times. A t last the neighboring
house was bought. It too became filled and the
two were joined and enlarged. During this time
Little Builder was developing the Chiropractic

X-ray or Spinograph.

As the growth came, new men and women

were called in to assist. Classes became larger.
The work became heavier for Hurry Lady and

Little Builder. Still the profession advanced and
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